Elvis Presley Became a Fan of KISS After Listening to 1 Song Multiple Times

Elvis Presley was still alive when KISS performed before his 1977 passing, despite the fact that the two artists seem to belong to separate eras. The Memphis vocalist has received acclaim from KISS members in the past. Presley never expressed his admiration for the group in public, but according to his stepbrother, the “Heartbreak Hotel” singer did so after repeatedly listening to one of their songs.

After frequently listening to “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Elvis Presley started to like KISS. In 1973, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss created KISS in New York City. Early songs by the band including “Nothin’ to Lose” and “Firehouse” helped them become well-known. Billy Stanley, the stepbrother of Elvis Presley, was a KISS fan and purchased their 1975 live album Alive!. Elvis came down to Graceland to hear Stanley’s latest fixation as he was listening to it there.

According to Stanley, who was playing air guitar, he had the volume turned up. “Elvis descends and inquires, ‘What are you listening to?'”… The band’s name is Kiss. And once I displayed the record cover to him, he responded, “Uh, OK.” He took a seat on the couch, took a look, and remarked, “OK, I get it.

Presley requested that Stanley play “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll” once more after listening to a few tracks. After listening to the song multiple times, he thought he understood what made KISS so popular. So, repeat the music you were just playing, he commanded. Stanley went on. “Let Me Go Rock [and] Roll” was the song. I utilized it. I actually played it twice for him, so I was taken aback when he requested that I do so one more. I played it once more. “I asked you, ‘What do you think?'” Well, I understand everything, he replied. Keep things simple, stupid, you know. They also obtained the necessary cosmetics to enable them to move freely after leaving the stage. Nobody sees them and is aware of their identity or anything like. He remarked, “Good thought.

“He commanded Billy to pay attention. It is merely a 1950s groove. However, that guitarist,” Stanley said. “I proclaimed, ‘That’s Ace Frehley. ‘That guy’s got some X-rated guitar licks,’ he remarked. I like him a lot. I got it, he remarked before leaving the room. That’s how you do it: with three chords and a cloud of dust. They are left wanting more as well. That’s definitely how they perform live, in my opinion.

Elvis should have retired, according to Gene Simmons, rather than becoming “naked” and “bloated.”
Elvis was a fan of KISS, and they would have been pleased to hear him speak in person. Their statues were erected in 2017 at Graceland’s ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Exhibit, which showcases musicians that the King of Rock and Roll influenced.

After their current End of the Road World Tour, KISS will call it a career after over 50 years of tours and performances. Simmons claimed they wanted to leave while still in the lead in an interview with Planet Radio. In order to illustrate what may happen when an artist refuses to accept that they are no longer in charge, he used Elvis as an example.

All of us have witnessed fighters who engaged in excessive ring time, Simmons remarked. Or poor Elvis [Presley], who found himself sprawled out in a Vegas restroom, naked and swollen. It’s not Elvis, that. Stop while you’re ahead. Don’t give up while you still resemble how people already perceive you.

“Remember we walk out there and introduce ourselves with ‘You wanted the best, you’ve got the best, the hottest band in the world KISS!'” he said. Not in the way that ‘Oh, I remember them when they were really terrific, you should have seen them back in year one or year two.’ No, it’s here and now, and if you can’t give on a particular level, have the self-respect to acknowledge it and conclude the conversation. How much longer can you go? We’re getting close to 50 years.

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