John Lennon Once Described His Son’s Personality

Sean Ono Lennon, John Lennon’s son, and the former Beatle enjoyed a close bond. John addressed his son’s life in an interview. He said that for Sean, a seemingly unimportant event turned tragic. Sean Ono Lennon, John Lennon’s son, preferred his parents to other children.

Sean was five years old when John passed away in December 1980. John Lennon talked about Sean’s social life in an interview from 1980 that was included in the book All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He said, “I believe Sean’s essence is that he travels frequently and spends time with grownups. “He follows us everywhere.

John talked about Sean’s opinion of him and Yoko Ono. He said, “He also gets a lot of the kid company that everyone says is so important — ‘Well, doesn’t he need kids?'” He doesn’t need to be on my knee all the time, but as long as we’re around, he would much rather have his parents.

As John Lennon put it The thought of Sean Ono Lennon leaving the room made him nervous.
John claimed that Sean was experiencing a particular type of anxiety at the moment. Like any kids, he likes to know that I’m home even when he’s not, the man explained. “One major tragedy for him was realizing that I occasionally leave the house and return.

“One day, I went outside and when I came back in, he was kind of looking at me,” John recounted. He asked, “Well, where were you?” I responded, “Well, I just strolled past the coffee shop. You know how you occasionally go out? I took that action.

John continued, “For him to comprehend that I exist outside the kitchen was a major moment. It was incredible. According to John, it can be difficult for kids to comprehend that their parents can be somewhere they can’t see them.

Later, Sean Ono Lennon talked about what it was like to be a Beatle’s son. Sean talked about his father later. He stated that he missed John the person, not just John the character, in an interview with Rolling Stone from 1998. Sean remarked that while it was simple to deify John, he still had his doubts, shortcomings, and bad days just like everyone else. Sean claimed that occasionally John would start yelling at him without warning, making him cry.

Because he adored The Beatles and that era, Sean confessed he missed the music. More than anything else, he yearned for his father. He said he had some extremely sentimental memories of John, like the time he held him at the beach or the time his father taught him how to groom himself. Sean and John didn’t have a great relationship, but it was obvious that he was close to his parents.

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