Elvis Presley refused to attend Priscilla Presley’s graduation – but for good reason

Elvis Presley first met Priscilla Presley (named Beaulieu at the time) in 1959 while he was stationed in Germany with the US Army. He instantly fell in love with the young woman, who was just 14-years-old at the time, and their relationship continued to blossom in the following months and years.

When Elvis’ time in the army came to an end, he invited her to his home, Graceland, in the USA, for Christmas 1962. By March, she lived there permanently – but her parents made Elvis promise them Priscilla would finish high school.

Elvis stuck to his word and enrolled Priscilla at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School, a local private school. By the end of the year, Priscilla graduated from the religious school, but Elvis did not want to be involved in her graduation ceremony.

In the book Elvis: What Happened? by Albert Goldman, one of Priscilla’s teachers, Sister Loyola, was interviewed about Elvis and his relationship with Priscilla.

The teacher remembered Elvis would not go inside the extravagant building to see Priscilla receive her high school diploma.

“Graduation was held in the cathedral,” Sister Loyola remembered. “I went over to get the girls lined up. Two or three younger sisters went over to Elvis’ car to speak to him and get his autograph. They asked him if he was coming in.” (Via Cheat Sheet)

Elvis refused to join in with the celebrations – but for good reason.”No, Sister,” he replied. “I’m not going in. This is Priscilla’s night. If I went in, it would disturb the graduation.”

Instead, the King of Rock and Roll, added: “I’ll wait out here in the car until it’s all over.” Elvis cared greatly about Priscilla’s graduation, though. He gifted her a beautiful red Corvair car, which she drove around town in after she passed her driving test.

He wouldn’t be seen dead in the car, though. Priscilla recalled: “I remember taking Elvis for a drive in it. But only around the circular driveway at Graceland. “He didn’t want to be seen with a girl driving him around!”

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