Adam Lambert Reveals The Queen Song He Uses To Channel Freddie Mercury

In a recent interview, Queen frontman Adam Lambert revealed how he channeled Freddie Mercury into his performances and the one song he loves performing live. Calling the track ‘special’, he revealed the name and said:

“I mean, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is very special. That’s a very special song. The melody is incredible, the lyrics are a bit esoteric and kind of mysterious, I love that about them, and it’s just a great melody, epic.”

During the interview, the lead singer also referred to Freddie as ‘irreplaceable’. He said:
“Listen, there’s no replacing Freddie Mercury. It’s impossible. Freddie Mercury is a mythic rock god. Not only did he sing the hell out of those songs, he wrote so many of them. Those were his stories in a lot of those songs.”

Then, Lambert made it clear how the late frontman inspired him and channeled his energy. He added:

“And if I didn’t have the recordings of Freddie Mercury, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am with this music. So he’s incredibly inspiring, and he definitely gave me all of the ingredients that I needed to even pull it off on stage. So I look at it always as a celebration and a tribute to him.”

Being on stage with Queen for 12 years now, Lambert, according to Brian May, was the perfect fit for the band after Mercury’s passing away. He explained:

“It’s amazing that we didn’t look for him. I always think that. We didn’t advertise; we didn’t audition. I think he just turned up out of the blue, out of heaven, and he had everything that we needed, plus more, and it is truly incredible.”

See the brief interview below:

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