Elvis Presley was caught in affair days into Viva Las Vegas filming

Elvis Presley had countless affairs and mistresses over the years during his music and Hollywood career. But no affair compared to the relationship he cultivated with the stunning Ann-Margret.

He first met the Swedish-American singer and actress in 1963 when they began shooting the 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas together. Their intimate connection was instant, and before long, they were spotted out and about together, and even caught skulking off to a private room after the cameras had stopped rolling.

The musical duo first met at an MGM soundstage where formal introductions were made, and the ice between the superstars was broken. Days later (on this day, July 15, 1963) Elvis and the rest of the cast and crew ventured to Las Vegas to film the picture over the next two weeks.

Elvis, Ann-Margret and the entire cast and crew of Viva Las Vegas checked in to the Sahara Hotel. Once cameras began rolling, Ann-Margret could tell things were going extremely well – due to the chemistry she felt with the King of Rock and Roll on set. Writing in her memoir, she explained: “I’m sure that the producers knew that the fast-paced, boy-meets-girl musical would certainly be improved if the chemistry between [their characters] Lucky and Rusty were right.”

Before long, though, passion exploded between the two actors. Ann-Margret wrote: “Initially, Elvis and I might’ve admitted that the only heat between us came from the hot desert sun. But others saw sparks from the start.”

But the press soon caught wind of the special connection Elvis and Ann-Margret shared on the movie’s set, and even caught them sneaking off together just days into filming. Associated Press News reported at the time: “They hold hands. They disappear into his dressing room between shots. They lunch together in seclusion.” (Via Elvis History Blog)

Elvis and Ann-Margret were, of course, engaged in a sordid affair for just over a year – but it was more than a cheap fling. The pair described their experience as a loving relationship that stood the test of time. Elvis eventually had to break things off when Priscilla found out about his affair, but Ann-Margret refused to say a bad word about him.

Years later, on August 17, 1977, Ann-Margret learned of Elvis’ death the day before. When she got the call she simply replied: “I’m coming.” She was the only person from the King’s Hollywood years to attend his funeral. When she arrived she was greeted by Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley. She looked back in her memoir: “There was so much to say, to recount, but instead, we cried.” Vernon told her: “He was so proud of you.

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