Paul McCartney Said The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ Might Flop if It Came Out Today

Paul McCartney said The Beatles’ “Let It Be” might flop if it were released today. Subsequently, he wondered if a band like The Beatles could exist now. There are multiple reasons “Let It Be” doesn’t have the commercial appeal it once did.

Paul McCartney said it’s difficult to imagine writing a song like The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ now
During a 2015 interview with Esquire, a reporter told Paul it’s difficult to imagine him writing another song as impactful as “Let It Be.” “I think that’s true,” he said. “When you sit down to write a song, it does cross your mind. You go, ‘This isn’t going to be like ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ “Bob Dylan was asked why didn’t he write another ‘Tambourine Man’ and he goes, ‘Because I’m not that guy anymore,’” Paul added. “I think that’s the truth.

“Some of it is also to do with the circumstances,” Paul continued. “Those songs were launched by The Beatles, the biggest band ever. If I had ‘Let it Be’ now, it just might not get as much attention. You might not be able to make a record as Beatle-y or as harmonious as the record we made. But it doesn’t stop me trying.”

Paul McCartney said The Beatles were successful because of their era and talent
Subsequently, Paul was asked if The Beatles’ success was partly because of the culture of their time period. “We came out of a very rich period,” he said. “But let’s not forget, those four boys were f****** good. It wasn’t just to do with the period. You name me another group of four chaps, or chapesses, who had what The Beatles had.”

Discussing the band’s talents, Paul said he wrote great melodies, John Lennon was witty, George Harrison was spiritual, and Ringo Starr had a sense of fun. He noted that each member of the band played an instrument, which is not the case for many modern bands. In addition, Paul said the Fab Four did well without outside songwriters. Notably, many contemporary pop singers and rappers rely on co-writers to produce hits. Paul said he wasn’t sure if a band like the Fab Four could exist today.

Why ‘Let It Be’ would likely fail if it came out in 2023
In 1970, “Let It Be” topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks. Today, it likely wouldn’t make much of a dent in the charts for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a gospel song. While gospel music was once a commercial genre, it doesn’t have much mainstream appeal today. Other genres like rap, trap, and dance-pop have taken its place.

On top of that, “Let It Be” is an early power ballad. That subgenre has been around since at least the 1960s, and it peaked in popularity during the 1980s. Today, hit power ballads are few and far between. If “Let It Be” was released in 2023, it would probably receive some good reviews but go unnoticed by the public. “Let It Be” is a classic song even if it couldn’t be a hit today.

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