Julian Lennon says “weird” John Lennon scene ruined ‘Yesterday’ for him

“It kind of threw the whole film off”

Julian Lennon has said the “weird” John Lennon scene in Yesterday ruined the film for him.

The musician, son of the late Beatle, reflected on the film written by Richard Curtis and directed by Danny Boyle which sees John Lennon appear in one scene.

In the film, Lennon is played by Robert Carlyle and meets Himesh Patel’s Jack in the remote countryside after he’s taken a road trip.

“I actually loved that film Yesterday, until they put that weird bit of an impression of what Dad would look like in his seventies and eighties or whatever, up on a Scottish or Irish island,” Julian Lennon told Kevin Nealon on Hiking With Kevin.

“It kind of threw the whole film off for me,” he continued. “I didn’t get [it]. It wasn’t necessary for me, I don’t think. And it was just weird.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month a porcelain loo that once belonged to John Lennon went on display at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

The toilet, which once sat at Lennon and Yoko Ono’s home in Berkshire, has a blue and white floral design.

It has been loaned to the museum by a man who paid £1,000 for it at auction in 1989 after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan bought the estate and sold its contents.

Museum owner Roag Best, who is the brother of the Beatles’ original drummer Pete, told BBC News: “The man contacted us, told us it was just sitting in his house gathering dust, and asked would we like to put it on display in the museum?

“We thought, ‘Well, it’s a bit quirky, it’s not what we’d normally display but who’s to say what you should and shouldn’t display, so, come on, we’ll give it a go.’”

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