Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr pay tribute to George Harrison on 20th anniversary of late Beatle’s death

“I miss my friend so much”

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have shared tributes to late The Beatles bandmate George Harrison on the 20th anniversary of the latter’s passing.

Harrison, died of lung cancer on November 29, 2001 at the age of 58.

McCartney took to Twitter to share an old image of himself and Harrison in the studio with a caption reading: “Hard to believe that we lost George 20 years ago. I miss my friend so much. Love Paul.”

Ringo Starr also took to Instagram to share an image of him and Harrison smoking cigars, saying: “Peace and love to you George I miss you man. Peace and love Ringo”.

Harrison also received a tribute from his widow, Olivia Harrison, who shared a video to her Instagram page that featured a psychedelic photo of Harrison’s face set to his song ‘Within You Without You’, and ended with the words, “We love you, George.”

Meanwhile Peter Jackson’s Disney+ documentary – The Beatles: Get Back – was released last week and garnered a glowing five-star review from NME.

“It is precisely because of Get Back‘s lax editorial policy that it succeeds. You might not be able to say anything new about The Beatles in 2021, but Jackson hasn’t tried. He’s shown us instead,” wrote NME’s Alex Flood.

Earlier this month, McCartney addressed the “misconception” that he broke up The Beatles. “I think the biggest misconception at the end of The Beatles was that I broke The Beatles up, and I lived with that for quite a while,” he said. “Once a headline’s out there, it sticks. That was a big one – and I’ve only finally just gotten over it.”

On November 11, a previously unheard track featuring Ringo Starr and George Harrison was unearthed in a loft and received its official release. ‘Radhe Shaam’ was written and produced in 1968 by broadcaster Suresh Joshi and features Indian classical musician Aashish Khan alongside the two Beatles alums.

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