George Harrison’s mum ‘ashamed to be female’ after girls screamed through Beatles gig

The mother of Fab Four star George Harrison wrote to a fan of the Beatles after a gig in 1963 saying she was ‘really ashamed to be female’ after young screaming girls marred the concert

The mother of George Harrison wrote to a Beatles fan that she was “really ashamed I was a female” after she watched girls screaming at a concert by the Fab Four.

Louise Harrison told teenager Janet Gray about deafening scenes of Beatlemania at the 1963 gig. As the group’s fame soared, Mrs Harrison answered thousands of letters from fans around the world. Janet sent weekly letters to her between 1963 and 1966 and Mrs Harrison took a keen interest in the personal life of the teenager, from Crosby, Liverpool, as she shared the exploits of her famous son.

In a letter sent in November 1963 from the Harrisons’ home in Mackets Lane, Woolton, Liverpool, she wrote: “I went to Manchester and I was really disgusted at the way the so-called fans just screamed right through the whole of the Beatles’ act.

“Nobody with any sense would pay and queue for a ticket just to stand on a seat and scream and not hear one sound from the stage. I was really ashamed I was a female.” She closed the letter with some motherly advice: “Now Janet I hope you will try and remember that your mum is your best friend, even if you don’t see eye to eye on some issues.”

In July 1964, after George had a minor accident while driving his E-Type Jaguar in London, she wrote to Janet: “George was not hurt Thank God in crash.” In September 1964, she wrote: “Glad to hear you have a boyfriend. Hope you pass the GCE OK. I’m so busy I could scream. 3,000 letters to answer at least.”

A series of 25 letters from Mrs Harrison have been put up for sale by the family of Ms Gray. They will be among items listed at the Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction being held in the city on August 26.

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