The Rolling Stones Are Teasing A New Album

The Rolling Stones have managed to pique the curiosity of their fans with a clever hint that may have divulged the name of their next album, or perhaps a single from a forthcoming project.

The band took out an ad that was published in the Hackney Gazette that references some of the band’s most beloved songs. It’s pretty clear from the names mentioned in the ad that it’s from The Rolling Stones, and the one part of the text that doesn’t seem to connect to anything in their past may be a reference to their highly anticipated thirty-first studio album.

The advertisement disguises its likely true purpose under the guise of a fictional glass repair business. While the ad seems innocuous at first glance, the text suggests otherwise. “Our friendly team promises you satisfaction,” the ad states. “When you say gimme shelter we’ll fix your shattered windows.”

The attention to detail in the ad is uncanny, and it all ties back to the band. The dot above the letter “i” features a tiny version of the iconic Rolling Stones lips logo, which is a surefire sign. The year 1962, the year the band was formed, is used as the establishment year for the fictional glass repair business. Even the name of the company is in the same font that the group has used before.

The true revelation that has fans chatting online lies in the company’s name, Hackney Diamonds, a moniker that is now believed to be the forthcoming album’s title. The phrase “Hackney Diamonds” holds local significance as slang for broken glass, specifically the fragments left behind after incidents of window-breaking, often tied to theft and vandalism.

The advertisement isn’t just static; it’s interactive. According to the BBC, a phone number included in the ad invites intrigued fans to inquire about glass repair quotes. Calling this number rewards them with a recorded message, unveiling more of the cryptic puzzle. The recording states, “Welcome to Hackney Diamonds, specialists in glass repair: Don’t get angry, get it fixed. Opening early September, Mare Street, E8. Register for a call at Come on then.”

Those who visit the website mentioned are greeted with the opportunity to join a mailing list. The fact that the website is managed by the Stones’ record label, Universal Music, only further cements the thinking that this is all about new music from the legendary rock band.

For decades now, The Rolling Stones have been more focused on touring than making new music, so another album from the group is great news for their millions of die-hard followers. Hackney Diamonds, if that is the name of the project, will mark their first since their 2016 release Blue and Lonesome, a collection of blues covers. They haven’t released an album of original material since A Bigger Bang in 2005, coming up on 20 years ago.

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