Rolling Stones Tease New Song ‘Angry’ on (Intentionally Frustrating?) Website

Rock legends offer snippet of new single from upcoming album, their first collection of original music since 2005’s A Bigger Bang

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The Rolling Stones’ long-anticipated first album of original songs in 18 years may finally be imminent as the band is teasing the new single on a seldom-working website.

On Saturday, the Stones’ social media accounts linked to a website for a track titled “Don’t Get Angry With Me” (or “Angry”), offering fans a chance to “Hear a clip of the new song.” However, after multiple attempts to load the snippet — “Experiencing heavy traffic,” the site states — the website ultimately loads a “500 Error” page, which given the song’s title might be intentional:

Fans flocked back to the Stones’ social media pages, complaining that the snippet wouldn’t load. In response, the socials kicked back, “Oh don’t get angry with me.” However, at least one fan managed to make it past the error screen, and were greeted by a 15-second clip of the new track:

In late August, the Rolling Stones teased the impending arrival of their new LP — the first album since the 2016 blues covers album Blue & Lonesome, and first collection of original music since 2005’s A Bigger Bang — in local British newspapers via an advertisement for Hackney Diamonds. “Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. When you say gimme shelter we’ll fix your shattered windows,” the ad stated, quoting the title of three Stones classics:

The Stones have been working toward new music over the last few years, releasing a new track, “Living in a Ghost Town,” in April 2020. In a 2021 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Keith Richards said the band might’ve finished a new album had the pandemic not interrupted things, while Mick Jagger added, “We have a lot of tracks done, so when the tour’s finished, we’ll assess where we are with that and continue.”

Last March, Richards told Rolling Stone that the new Stones project would feature some of the final sessions with drummer Charlie Watts (who died in August 2021) but that it would also feature contributions from Watts’ live replacement, Steve Jordan. Additionally, in an Instagram video shared in January, Richards said, “There’s some new music on its way.”

It was also revealed earlier this year that the Stones enlisted the Beatles’ Paul McCartney to play bass on at least one track, with the band laying down the album in a Los Angeles studio with producer Andrew Watt; however, rumors that Ringo Starr was also involved in the session were denied.

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