Paul McCartney’s 4-word response to epic TV show he’s currently binging

Legendary Beatle Paul McCartney revealed that he’s currently watching Better Call Saul and is a fan of the Breaking Bad spin-off.

In case any Beatles or Wings fans were wondering what Paul McCartney is currently binging, he has given the answer.

When on the run during touring, McCartney says he watches whatever movies are in the “New Releases” section. However, “they’re not new” to the “Yesterday” singer as he usually has already seen the films available.

During car rides, McCartney revealed that he watches both films and series on his iPad. “I’m currently on Better Call Saul and it’s a good one,” McCartney told his official website in a new interview.

He chooses to watch stuff on his car journeys over reading for a key reason. “I read at home before going to bed. I get ready for bed and the last thing I do is read. Nancy [Sullivan] will often look at a series at that time, but I think it’s not conductive to sleep because some of the things she’ll watch are a little too exciting, and the plot will keep you up all night!” McCartney confessed. “So I try to read biographies, which can be a little bit dry. After a few pages you start [to] yawn, the page goes fuzzy, so it’s lifghts off and straight to sleep. I like that!”

If you’re wondering what type of biographies McCartney reads — perhaps he’s read the autobiographies from pals like Dave Grohl and Bono — he said he read a Phillip Glass book and biographies about Leonard Bernstein and Mozart.

Paul McCartney is gearing up for the second leg of his “Got Back” tour, which hit America last year. He and his touring band will visit Australia, Mexico, and Brazil to close out 2023. McCartney also featured on Dolly Parton’s new album of rock covers — featuring with fellow Beatle Ringo Starr on her cover of “Let It Be.”

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