Previously unseen Beatles photos from 1964 Melbourne visit to hit the auction block

These remarkable 35mm slides were uncovered by the photographer’s son.

Previously unseen photographs of the Beatles during their iconic 1964 visit to Melbourne are set to go under the hammer.

With the auction house estimating their worth to be between $5,000 and $10,000, these coveted pieces of memorabilia will set you back a pretty penny.

The starting bid kicks off at an enticing $4,000, and both photos are up on the Artvisory Gallery site. The live auction will take place on September 19 at 6:00pm at their auction house in South Yarra.

In a radio interview with 3AW Breakfast, Shaun Maloney tells the story of how the photos turned up in his father’s holiday snaps. With aims to get the images out to a wider audience, he’s selling the slides itself, which will give the buyer full reproduction rights to the images.

“My father […] only happened to have his camera with him when the Beatles arrived because my sister’s 21st birthday was held in the Southern Cross Hotel the previous night and the family had stayed over,” remembers Shaun Maloney in a statement provided to Artvisory.

“By the time the Beatles arrived, my sisters and I were in one of the rooms opening onto the first-floor canopy facing Exhibition Street. A huge crowd, mainly girls, was surging in front of the hotel when a motorcade arrived, escorted by police cars and mounted police, who struggled to keep the crowd back.

“It turned out to be a diversion. Meanwhile, the Beatles went down the ramp into the hotel’s underground carpark. The crowd set up a chant of ‘We Want The Beatles’ and they duly appeared a few minutes later. My father was standing on the canopy near the rail where they waved to the crowd.

“At some point later in the day, the Beatles were hosted at the General Manager’s flat in the hotel, where my father took their picture. This was the last time Jimmy Nichol, the stand-in drummer, (shown in these images) was seen with them.”

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