Beatles tribute band ‘Here Comes the Sun’ promises a 1960s musical journey in Dickinson

DICKINSON — The iconic sounds of The Beatles are set to reverberate through the DSU Dorothy Stickney Auditorium in Dickinson on Monday, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m., as the Beatles tribute band “Here Comes the Sun” prepares to take the stage. Organized by the Dickinson Area Concert Association, this event promises a musical journey back to the 1960s with a fresh and authentic take on the legendary band’s music.

“Here Comes the Sun” is not your typical Beatles impersonation act. Composed of five multi-talented instrumentalists and vocalists with backgrounds in Broadway, Lincoln Center and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the ensemble aims to celebrate a decade of Beatles music, eschewing costumes and wigs to focus solely on the music itself.

The Beatles, known for their groundbreaking sound and innovative songwriting, left an indelible mark on the music industry. “Here Comes the Sun” seeks to recreate the complex and diverse musical landscape of the Fab Four’s era by utilizing the skills of its versatile members. Their commitment to an entirely live and authentic performance, without the aid of backing tracks, is expected to bring back the magic of the Beatles’ timeless hits for southwest North Dakota attendees.

The concert is a noteworthy departure from the traditional tribute acts that aim to impersonate the band members. Instead, “Here Comes the Sun” promises an evening dedicated solely to the music, encompassing both chart-topping hits and lesser-known gems from the Beatles’ vast musical repertoire.

For music enthusiasts eager to partake in this journey through musical history, tickets and membership information can be obtained by contacting Kim Schwartz at 701-260-3132. With limited seating available, early reservations are advisable to ensure a spot at this anticipated event.

The Dickinson Area Concert Association, the driving force behind this musical experience, is renowned for its commitment to enriching the cultural landscape of Dickinson and its neighboring communities. Led by President Joel Walters and Vice President Steve Josephson, the association’s board of officers and directors is dedicated to providing high-quality musical experiences for audiences of all ages.

Membership opportunities for the Dickinson Area Concert Association are varied to accommodate diverse preferences, with adult memberships priced at $65, while senior citizens can join for $60. Students have access to a reduced rate of $35, and families can enjoy the musical offerings for $130.

In addition to individual memberships, the association extends opportunities for financial support in an effort to continue to bring exciting performances to Dickinson. Sponsors contributing $500 or more will receive multiple tickets and exclusive perks, while benefactors at the $250 level will enjoy two adult tickets. Other support options include contributing $249 which will receive one adult ticket and thanks. The “Friend” category allows contributions up to $149, offering an opportunity for all to support the association’s musical endeavors and mission.

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