A Member of The Moody Blues Says He Co-Wrote Paul McCartney’s ‘Band on the Run’

A member of The Moody Blues said he co-wrote Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run,” although the song’s credits tell another story. The musician discussed being in Paul’s shadow.

Sometimes classic rock feels like it was just one big, happy, constantly collaborating family. One of the members of The Moody Blues said he co-wrote Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run,” although the song’s writing credits tell a different story. Regardless, it’s undeniable the Moody Blues member did a lot for Wings.

A Moody Blues member who joined Wings said he wrote Paul McCartney’s ‘Band on the Run’

Denny Laine was a member of The Moody Blues who later became a member of Wings. During a 2023 interview with Naples Daily News, he said he co-wrote two of Wings’ most famous hits: “Band on the Run” and “Mull of Kintyre.” He received a co-writing credit on the latter but not the former. “Band of the Run” is credited to Paul and Linda McCartney, with Paul as its producer.

Laine said it was difficult for him to remember his involvement in other Wings songs. “You can’t pin that down,” he said. “Either [Paul] would come up with a song and I would help him finish it, or vice versa. Or we’d sit down and say, ‘OK, we’re gonna spend tomorrow writing songs.’ And that’s what we’d do.”

Denny Laine discussed what it was like being in the ‘shadow’ of Paul McCartney

Laine discussed how the public reacted to him and Paul. “I was in his shadow, which was inevitable anyway because of his fame and talent,” Laine recalled. “I was like an intern in some ways. I learned by being there. And having the freedom to come up with ideas and whatever.”

On the same token, Laine had no malice toward the “Silly Love Songs” singer. “As far as I’m concerned, The Beatles were a rival band to The Moodys ― but in a friendly way,” Laine said. “I think that’s why we became friends.”

Laine didn’t deal with much drama during his time in Wings. “It came very easily because we shared the same background, if you like, musically,” Laine opined. “It wasn’t something that’s like, ‘I’m in awe of Paul McCartney.’ I mean, no way. No, I’m not.”

Denny Laine has a theory why ‘Band on the Run’ was such a popular record

“Band on the Run” appeared on the album of the same name. That record stands out as one of Wings’ most acclaimed and popular releases. During a 2023 interview with Billboard, Laine said people loved Band on the Run because of its backing tracks. The Moody Blues member said he and Paul took a relaxed approach to crafting the backing tracks. Laine had an easy time creating grooves with Paul because they had the same musical influences and had known each other since the 1960s.

Laine looked back on Band on the Run fondly. He knew he and Paul could make such a great album together. It’s no wonder why Band on the Run hits like the title track and “Jet” remain classic rock radio staples.

Regardless of who wrote “Band on the Run,” we’re all better off thanks to Laine’s incredible talent.

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