Paul McCartney’s Guitar String Is Set To Sell At Auction For Thousands Of Dollars

Paul McCartney is so famous and beloved that anything connected to the musician is important to his fans, and those who are still obsessed with The Beatles. This means that throughout the years, hundreds of items that have some small attachment to his name have gone up for action, and millions have been spent by collectors to get just a piece of the superstar.

Now, an item that most people would claim is insignificant is headed for the auction block, and it looks like it will fetch a hefty price.

A guitar string once used by McCartney is set to be auctioned in Newbury in the U.K. on Tuesday, September 26. The artifact is aiming to sell for more than $6,000, according to early estimates.

This Epiphone brand guitar string was reportedly used by McCartney as The Beatles recorded their album Rubber Soul. If that is the case, it may have been used to record the single “Michelle” which is noted for its use of an acoustic guitar. That song is remembered as one of the most famous from the group, and it won both McCartney and John Lennon Song of the Year at the Grammys.

The soon-to-be-auctioned guitar string was initially won by a superfan of The Beatles via a contest in a magazine dedicated to the group. A man named David Cardey earned the prize back in the ‘60s, and it remained in his possession for more than 40 years. Following his passing, it passed to Cardey’s cousin, who is selling it.

The auction item also comes with letters from the Beatles fan magazine describing the contest and Cardey’s win. One of the letters reads, in part, “This guitar string came from Paul’s acoustic Epiphone and was given to me by him after the Beatles’ last recording session.”

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