Priscilla Presley and the Memphis Mafia Found Elvis’ New Barber ‘Suspicious’ and Threatening

Elvis Presley hired a new barber who taught him about spirituality. The new relationship was incredibly concerning to Priscilla and the Memphis Mafia.

In 1964, Elvis Presley hired a new barber, putting Priscilla and his Memphis Mafia on edge. Priscilla met his new barber, Larry Geller, and found him kind, but she didn’t like the influence he had over Elvis. He spoke in depth about spirituality, which fascinated Elvis. Priscilla explained that everyone around Elvis was suspicious of Geller.

Priscilla Presley worried Elvis’ new barber would be a bad influence on him

Elvis and Priscilla were apart when he hired Geller, but he spoke excitedly about him over the phone. Priscilla recalled Elvis describing Geller to her in her book Elvis and Me.

“‘You’re not going to believe this guy, Sattnin,’ he said. ‘Larry knows more about the spiritual world than all the preachers and Catholic priests and religious fanatics put together. We have discussions that last hours, just talkin’ and talkin’ about the great masters and my purpose for being here. I’m invitin’ him to Graceland. He’ll enlighten your spiritual development.’”

Priscilla found Geller “kind and mellow,” but she couldn’t help viewing him as a threat. Elvis’ entourage agreed. Suddenly, all the musician wanted to do was talk to Geller about spirituality.

“However, many in the group, myself included, were suspicious of them,” she wrote. “We were all threatened by Elvis’ involvement with Larry. It was keeping him from us. It seemed as if Elvis was always off alone reading esoteric books or in deep discussion with Larry about God’s master plan for the universe.”

The ‘Suspicious Minds’ singer became fascinated with spirituality

At Geller’s prompting, Elvis began searching for answers about his purpose. He pored over books every night and spoke about his spirituality at length. Elvis began to question his role in the universe.

“He asked Larry why, out of all the people in the universe, he had been chosen to influence so many millions of souls,” Priscilla wrote. “Granted this unique position, how could he contribute to save a world burdened with hunger, disease, and poverty? Why was there so much human suffering in the first place? And why wasn’t he happy, when he had more than anyone could want?”

This became one of the fundamental questions of Elvis’ life. He continued searching for some form of purpose until his death.

“He felt he was missing something in life,” Priscilla explained. “Through Larry’s insight, he hoped to find the path that would lead him to the answers.”

Elvis Presley urged Priscilla to absorb Larry Geller’s teachings

Elvis wanted everyone around him to dive into spiritual studies with the same enthusiasm as him. He pushed Priscilla to read philosophical and religious books and began to wonder if they were actually soul mates.

“He was eager for all of us — especially me — to absorb all the knowledge he was consuming,” she wrote. “Happy to share everything, just as he had with his Bible discussions in L.A., he read to us for hours and handed out books he thought would interest us. He announced that in order for us to be perfect soul mates, I’d have to join him in his search for answers to the universe.”

He began adding up people’s birthdays to check their compatibility. Luckily for Priscilla, Elvis determined that their birth numbers were linked.

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