Mick Jagger talks working with “really great singer” Lady Gaga for Rolling Stones’ ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’

“I’d never heard her sing [in] quite that style before”

Mick Jagger has recalled working with Lady Gaga on The Rolling Stones‘ new single ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’.

The collaborative song, which also features Stevie Wonder, was released yesterday (September 28) as the latest preview of the Stones’ 24th studio album ‘Hackney Diamonds’ (out October 20).

During an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Jagger praised Gaga – who provided backing vocals on the track – and explained how ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’ came together in the studio.

“She’s a really great singer and I’d never heard her sing [in] quite that style before. Not exactly,” the frontman said of the pop star’s contribution.

“We did it live in the room and that was a great experience, her just coming in the room and her just opening up and seeing her bits and feeling her way and then getting more confident.”

He continued: “And then we came back and then did some extra parts that we hadn’t done on the day and then we did some tidying up and we were just in the overdub room, really face-to-face, getting them really tight, the parts really tight, and then being slightly competitive and screaming.”

Jagger told Lowe that ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’ is “all played live”, adding: “And of course, we did overdubs, but it’s all played in the room.”

While sharing some behind-the-scenes studio footage, Gaga recalled her experience of working with The Rolling Stones, saying that she’d been inspired by their classic hit ‘Gimme Shelter’ as well as “gospel and soul” music.

“I thought about my favourite old Stones tunes and all the great vocalists who had sung with Mick, making what we know now as a ‘sound’ unique to a band that defined a huge piece of rock’n’roll,” the star wrote.

“Then we cut [the song] live. Making the ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven’, I sang in a way I never really sang before except for with Mick. And Andrew [Watt, producer] and I both cried – there’s something about witnessing music history and when you get to be a part of it.

“I think that’s exactly what our heaven feels like. It’s just a sweet sound.” You can see that post below.

‘Hackney Diamonds’, which marks The Rolling Stones’ first collection of original music in 18 years, will also feature Paul McCartney, Elton John and former Stones bassist Bill Wyman. The record’s lead single, ‘Angry’, arrived earlier this month.

In other news, Jagger has explained in an interview how Beatles icon McCartney came to be on the album.

“We suggested he played on this punk tune,” he said. “I didn’t know how it was gonna work out, but he really rocked it and he loved doing it. He said, ‘It’s great playing with a band! Really enjoyable playing with a band’.”

Meanwhile, Jagger recently confirmed that The Rolling Stones are already at work on their next full-length effort.

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