Ringo Starr reveals The Beatles’ final track “should have been out already”

’ upcoming final song, Ringo Starr has revealed it “should have been out already”.

Earlier this year, Paul McCartney confirmed The Beatles will release one “last” song in 2023. During an interview with the BBC, McCartney explained: “When we came to make what will be the last Beatles record it was a demo that John had that we worked on and we’ve just finished it up, it’ll be released this year.”

Although McCartney said they used artificial intelligence on the song, he later clarified the usage of AI, which was only used to clean up recordings and confirmed Lennon’s authentic voice was used on the new track. “Been great to see such an exciting response to our forthcoming Beatles project. No one is more excited than us to be sharing something with you later in the year,” McCartney wrote on Twitter.

“We’ve seen some confusion and speculation about it. Seems to be a lot of guess work out there. Can’t say too much at this stage but to be clear, nothing has been artificially or synthetically created,” he added.

Now, in a new interview with the AP, Starr said: “The rumours were that we just made it up. Like we would do that anyway.” He continued: “This is the last track, ever, that you’ll get the four Beatles on the track. John, Paul, George, and Ringo.”

Starr was then asked about when fans should expect to hear the unnamed song, and revealed: “It should’ve been out already.”

Meanwhile, Starr is set to release his Rewind Forward EP on October 13th. The collection of tracks includes ‘Feeling the Sunlight, which McCartney penned. The drummer revealed they FaceTime each other twice a month, and meet whenever he’s in London or McCartney is in Los Angeles.

Commenting on the new solo song, Starr revealed in the same interview: “When he sent the track, he’d actually done the drums, so we had to take them off.”

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