60 Years Ago, The Beatles Released ‘She Loves You’ And History Was Made

Six decades ago, in September 1963, The Beatles unleashed a song that would go on to not only become a big hit for the then-rising band, but which would help them make history and eventually be named their biggest hit in at least one regard.

“She Loves You” is a simple single that has transcended time and trends, and it remains an enduring symbol of the band’s unparalleled success. Despite the band’s extensive catalog of hits and iconic releases, “She Loves You” holds a unique place in The Beatles’ legacy.

According to the Official Charts Company, the U.K.’s own version of Billboard, essentially, “She Loves You” still holds as The Beatles’ all-time best-selling single in the U.K. It beats out several older smashes from the foursome, including “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (No. 2), “Can’t Buy Me Love” (No. 3), “I Feel Fine” (No. 4) and “Day Tripper” (No. 5).

“She Loves You” isn’t just a sales success when it comes to The Beatles, though. The catchy cut ranks among the top 10 best-selling songs of all time in the U.K. The Official Charts Company reports that the song has sold a staggering 1.93 million copies in that nation alone—a massive sum that few artists have been able to reach.

When “She Loves You” was released in the fall of 1963, The Beatles were still in the early stages of their meteoric rise to superstardom. The wave of Beatlemania had just begun to sweep the world, and this single only amplified the frenzy. It was a sonic sensation that resonated with fans and catapulted the band to unprecedented heights, and they haven’t stopped listening to it ever since.

“She Loves You” stands alongside The Beatles’ other chart-topping hits, contributing to their record of 17 No. 1 hits in their home country and 28 top 10 singles. It was one of their first major wins, and its popularity—or at least the love that millions feel for it—has barely waned in the decades since it arrived.

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