The handwritten lyrics to The Beatles ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ are up for auction for $195,000

If you ever wanted to own a piece of true Beatles history then now’s your chance. The handwritten lyrics of George Harrison’s contribution to The Beatles’ White Album, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ are up for auction.

The lyrics to the track, which became synonymous with Harrison’s growing penchant for songwriting, were jotted down during the recording process for The Beatles classic double album.

Up for auction through the memorabilia company Moments in Time for a whopping $195,000, the lyric sheet sees Harrison and bandmate Ringo Starr take it in turns to write lyrics for the 1968 song while recording at Abbey Road in 1968.

‘I Look at You all see the love there that’s sleeping — While my guitar gently weeps,’ Harrison began at the top of the paper. Harrison continued, ‘While my Guitar Gently weeps as I’m sitting here doing nothing but aging still my guitar G W.’

The lyrics in between were largely scribbled down by Ringo Starr, which included his effort to work out a misspelling on the piece of paper. Something which Frank Caizzo said helped authenticate the memorabilia. “It is complete with his misspellings, a Ringo trademark, and shows him working out one of the misspelled words on the side.”

The album remains one of the most iconic records of the band’s incredible contribution to rock and roll, as well as John Lennon’s favourite album the band ever made. And they’ve made some of the best albums ever heard.

For this reason, there are very few lyric sheets up for auction making this opportunity of owning the lyrics for ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ too great to pass up.

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