4 Songs Paul McCartney Wishes He Had Written

While Paul McCartney has written many legendary songs in music history, there are still a few he wishes he came up with

Paul McCartney has written many of the most iconic songs in music history. However, in an industry as competitive as music, there are times when he’s heard a track and become envious that he didn’t think of it first. While the former Beatle doesn’t have much to be jealous about, there are a few songs he wishes were his.

Here are 4 songs by other musicians that Paul McCartney wishes he had written

It would’ve been tough for Paul McCartney to develop this song first, considering he wasn’t alive. “Stardust” is a 1927 song by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Mitchell Parish. It’s become a standard track for many musicians to learn and has been recorded over 1,500 times as an instrumental or vocal track.

In a 1994 interview with Club Sandwich, McCartney said there aren’t many songs he wishes he had written, but this oldie is an exception.

“I don’t really want to have written anyone else’s songs, but, as a fantasy question, I love ‘Stardust’ by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish,” he shared. “It’s a beautiful song.”

‘Just the Way You Are’ – Billy Joel

“Just the Way You Are” is a track from Billy Joel’s 1977 The Stranger album. Joel is another singer-songwriter with an impressive discography, and “Just the Way You Are” is a track that sticks out for many. The “Uptown Girl” has shared admiration for The Beatles in the past, and McCartney has a mutual admiration.

“I remember thinking that Billy Joel’s first hit, ‘Just The Way You Are’, was a nice song,” McCartney told Club Sandwich. “I’d like to have written that one too.”

‘Fields of Gold’ – Sting

Sting built a following as the lead singer of The Police from 1977 to 1986. However, Paul McCartney admired one of his songs from his solo career, “Field of Gold”. The single first debuted in 1993, and McCartney revealed in a 2018 conversation with Jarvis Cocker that it’s a track he wishes he had written.

“There’s always a couple that I hear that I think I’d have liked (to have written),” he explained. “I liked Sting’s ‘Fields Of Gold’, and I thought, ‘Y’know what, I should have written that.’”

Hearing these words, Sting took to social media to share how appreciative he was of the praise he received from one of his idols.

“Paul McCartney says he wishes he would have written ‘Fields Of Gold’. There are more than a few of Paul’s that I wish I would have written.”

‘God Only Knows’ – The Beach Boys

“God Only Knows” is a song written by Brian Wilson for The Beach Boys’ 1966 Pet Sounds album. In a 2007 BBC interview, Paul McCartney said it’s “one of the few songs that reduces me to tears every time I hear it.” Years later, in an interview with Barnes & Noble, McCartney was asked if there were any songs he wished he had written, and he named “God Only Knows” as one. However, he is somewhat relieved he didn’t write it, as he likes the rivalry that great songs can build between artists.

“In a way, I could say I wish I’d written them, but I’ve written enough,” McCartney said. “I’ve got enough to go on with. But yeah, there are some great writers and artists out there. And I love to feel that when I’m writing something here, they’re writing something there, and you get a little bit of rivalry going.”

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